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Scroll down for free PC screensaver (old)


How abour 3 free sewing patterns designed for Diane’s fabric? The first patterns is for a placemat, (click on the link below)


a pillow case, (click on the link below)


and a mini wall hanging (click on the link below)


 Watch it snow!
Check out Diane’s designs in an animated snow storm. Click here: Watch it snow.
  Free Postcard

An old-fashioned post card

Send a digital postcard from Diane Phalen Watercolors to someone special.

It is simple to do! By clicking on the links below, you can send or pick up your postcard. To pick up a postcard,
have your claim check number ready.

Click here to Create a free Digital Postcard then click Diane Phalen's Digital Greeting Cards 

Click here to Pick up your free Digital Postcard

After you submit the card, a preview will be displayed and you can make changes to improve your card.
To pick up a digital postcard, the recipient will be notified about their postcard by a simple email message.
We will provide them with a unique claim check number to claim their postcards.

Diane Phalen — Free PC Screensaver

Get a free screen saver for your computer. They are real, real old, howevever, so there is no guarantee they still work, but they used to be pretty neat. One bad thing is that they expire after 150 days. The person who created them thought this would be a good way to bring people back to the website. I apologize for the inconvenience. I would change it if I could. Anyway, each screen saver contains ten of Diane’s classic images. Try all three!

These are very, very old and are not sure to work. Good Luck!

Known to work with Windows 95 or 98. I don't know about newer operating systems.

Download Version 3 - Diane’s Free Screen Saver 3
Download Version 2 - Diane’s Free Screen Saver 2
Download Version 1 - Diane’s Free Screen Saver 1

If you want to use a screen saver that has expired on
your computer download and install it again and it may work.
Download time is about 10 minutes with a 28.8 connection.
You can still navigate the website while you are downloading.


How do I run the screen saver?
Thank you for your interest in Diane Phalen’s Screen Savers.

After you press a link above (for example, "Free Screen Saver 3") to download a screen saver you may
be asked to confirm that you want to download the file. It is called "setup3.exe" You may be asked where
you would like to save it, more likely it will just be copied (downloaded) to your hard drive. After it
downloads, find the file you just downloaded and double click it. Then just follow the instructions and
the screen saver will install automatically.

System Requirements:

Windows 95 or 98


If you are running an older version of Windows 95 you may get an error message referring to OLEAUT32.DLL. If this happens you can solve the problem with one of these two solutions.

Solution 1 - Upgrade to Windows 98

Solution 2 - Go to the following site and follow the directions to download the Windows 95 update.


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